Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Toy

My friend Jason (BLOG) and Jessie are computer artists working in the animation industry. Both are also fine artists. I have been watching how they use computer to create fine arts. It seems to be fun, and you can do pretty much what you can do on canvas (with the exception of paint texture), ONCE you MASTER the use of the pressure sensitive tablets. With their suggestions, I bought this WACOM tablets (approximately $300) which arrived yesterday. I installed it today and used the bundled simple art software called Corel Painter to paint a simple painting of this lamp on my desk. Don't think I did very well. I spent 3 hours includng getting familiar with the software functions and to get a feel of the tablets (various brushand their size selection, pressure, hand-eye coordination, color mixer). It is interesting to learn new things. The next step is to get a better software. Jason suggested ARTRAGE ($30). I will download it soon. Will see how far I can go with this new toy.

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