Friday, August 29, 2008

Digital Painting - continue learning

Never been a good portraitor. Spent two days on this just trying to learn how to play with the new toy. I think I get a good handle on the brush, palette knife, mixing and picking colors. There is this airbrush that is not readily available when painting in real oil medium. It is very handy for manipulating the soft edges and the transition. One thing that is very different from painting in real oil is that you don't always remember what tool is in your hand. It is just the tablet pen for all tools. You forget that you have a brush in your hands. Actually you have a palette knife. Only when you start puting the paint down, you discover the mistake. There is an "undo" comend. But it only takes out the last stroke you did. There is a "layering" tool that I have not yet explored extensively. It is supposedly equivalent to glazing technique in real oil painting. But the advantage is that you can take it off if you are not happy with the result. That is not possible in real oil painting. You can glaze quite a few layers, trying them out before you decide that is what you want. You can then merge them in with the under-painting.

Working pretty hard for two days. Wanting to see "Dark Knight" on IMAX. Probably should reward myself for working hard.

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