Thursday, August 7, 2008

Garlic Chive

I built a vegetable garden in my back yard. But never succeed in producing good crops. Squash and tomato plants kept growing beautiful foliage but not fruits. At an elevation in Seattle area, the growing season is short. Both of my neighbors' yards have tall trees blocking sun lights in the evening and in the morning. These may be contributing factors. Only these garlic chives do extremely well. Just this little patch gives us more than we can eat. Our friends Cathy and Ching came and harvested most of them and treated us with a chive dumpling dinner in their home. Only less than two weeks, they grow back and ready for harvesting again. Almost everyday, we have chive and eggs for breakfast. We also had my niece Nancy and her husband John came over for a chive pouch (韭菜盒子) dinner. And we still have surpluses. Fish fertilizer and diligent watering really help. For variety, I am looking for other vegetables that may do well with limited sun exposure.

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