Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joy of Learning - Continue Computer Painting

My original intent to acquire the Artrage+Wacom was to use it as a tool for studying composition for painting, before I embark on putting paint on my canvas. So, I use the previous drawing of the old man as a motif for a painting. The steam room scene in my health club came to my mind. The two additional figures were painted out of my head. So when it comes to actual painting, I may have problem making them convincing. I won't have the actual models to work with. This is the second composition I made. The first version has the right side figure siting at lower height than the center figure. It was not good. I am not happy with this version either. The figure on the right is too close to the central figure. That makes the picture look cramp and feeling pressurized. I need to space him out. I have not yet learned how to move things around, resizing the canvas without much erasing and repainting. I may want to do a few more variations of composition before I actually paint it.

My friend Jason gave me quite a few tips on the use of Artrage. Picking colors from other part of the painting surface helps to keep the color consistency and value accuracy better. The use of airbrush which is not available in actual oil painting is a great tool to blend colors and to create soft edges. There are a lot more to learn in doing this. I think computer painting can stand on its own as a fine art tool. It was simply not available to Michelongelo. That's all. Heard from Jason that there are now archival inks available for printing out long lasting prints.

This is not by any means a finished painting. But the learning process is fun.

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