Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enamel Paint

Continue experimenting with enamel paint I got from Home Depot. I got only 3 colors: red, yellow, black, plus white. The limited palette is good for experimenting. The reason I do this is that I have a very large "experienced" (meaning used) canvas that I picked up from a discarded pile at Gage Academy of Art. I thought about doing something with it. Commercial paint came to my mind. Discarded canvas + cheap commercial paint appeal to me philosophically. So, I bought a few small cans of enamel paint to experiment on my own "experienced" canvases.
I continue to paint "Rothko painting" using an used canvas with built up texture on it. Trying to get to Rothko's religious experience. I also painted a woman's portrait based on a studio drawing I did.
Enamel paint dries fast. I have to paint like acrylic paint, fast and using layering. The draw back of the paint is the gloss. Only the white color is flat. So, I have not much control of the reflection when I don't want them. I may try to find other oil-based paint to see whether I can gain some control of this.

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