Monday, September 15, 2008

Crater Lake, Ashland, Yachats

Just came back from a drive through Southern Oregon. Aside from some very beautiful sceneries, there were also a few delightful discoveries to share.

1. Crater Lake is known for its deep blue color as seen in the first picture.
2. We went to Ashland, known for its Shakespeare Festival. It is a neat little town. We found this little cafe called Ashland Bistro Cafe on the main drag near the festival. They have this Tuesday dinner special that includes a soup, a salad, and an entre for $15. And you can order a bottle of Merlot for another $15. The food was delicious and substantial, and the service was excellent. But, the nicest part is the live jazz band. They are really into music making, performing musics of very different moods. You can see that they are really into it. The owner took a break from his business and played one tune with the band. He is the one at the drum in this picture. We ended up sitting there and listening to the band for most of the evening.
3. The third picture shows a typical coastal scene. We spent two nights in Yachats, a town at the most scenic section of the southern Oregon coast. When we drove in around 5:30 p.m., a low fog came in from the sea. I quickly took a picture of the sea under that light condition. It is quite pretty.
4. We stayed in a seaside resort called Adobe. We got a room without a view for $62 a night after a 10% senior discount. Although our room does not have a view, the hotel is right on the water. I took this sunset view right at the dinner table. It is very pleasant to enjoy a nice dinner and a nice view at the same time. Again, dinner is very substantial and inexpensive. I had a pork Ossobuco for $18 that also includes a salad bar. It was so big that I could only eat half of it. We put the leftover in a doggy bag, microwaved it the next morning. It was enough for a breakfast for two in our room! Anybody going there, I would recommend staying in this place.

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Jason Juan said...

The seascape is amazing!