Friday, September 26, 2008

Agony of a Monk

This Monday, we had the model Zak dressed up as a Franciscan monk. We have only 2 sessions on this pose. So, I quickly drew in charcoal a gesture and a head. I want to make a painting on canvas. I need these drawings to put a block-out painting together for the next session. I came back and started working on several composition ideas in computer using Artrage. I also worked on some ideas of manipulating the expression of the model. Here is one version which I may use in the final painting. Zak graciously promised me that I can take a picture of him next time. That definitely will help for the painting.

I am still not sure the calibration of the color on my computer screen is correct. You may not see the color that I see on my screen. That may be one of the problems of digital art. There are too many knobs to turn. And each person turns them differently on their equipment.

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