Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morandi Exhibition at NY Metro 9/12-12/14

We are planning a 10-day trip to NY in late October through early November. We want to book a pair of free tickets on Continental flight early to avoid possible change of policy. Also, by booking early, we may get on the direct flight to Newark. Anyway, after booking the flight I checked what may be on special exhibit at Metro. Surprisingly, I found they are staging a show for one of my favorite artists, Giorgio Morandi, the 20th century Italian artist . He painted mostly jars, bottles and blocks in his studio. With these familiar characters, he was able to come up with "infinite" number of beautiful composition. His "chalky" colors further enhance the meditative feeling when you look at his pictures. He is cited by critics as the painter of painters. I had only seen two of his originals, one at MOMA and the other at Yale University. The reproductions in the art book I bought don't even come close. In the above picture you can see that even the shadow and the little negative space between the bottles are key elements of his rigorous composition. Feel lucky that we will have an opportunity to see more than 100 of his work in early November.

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