Monday, May 30, 2011

Painting Monks

Quite a while ago, I drew this realistic monk portrait describing the "un-monk-like" character of this fee collector, hired by the government, in a temple in China.
I got more interested in painting monks.
I did the second digital drawing, using Artrage software, trying to use just lines, except on his head.
I did a digital painting of a group of three monks using the same software. I used oil paint brushes, knife, crayon, pencils, eraser (on oil paint!), airbrush, etc. It is a freedom that the "physical painting" do not offer. Also, the digital layers allow me to try out different things without destroying the stuff I already painted.

It is quite fun to do them. And it takes much less effort to do these than to use the real paint. I am sending them to Costco to print out large size images and see how it looks. They also offer printing on canvas surface. I do not know whether the inks are archival quality. Perhaps not.

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