Monday, April 25, 2011

Tulip Field- Quick Digital Painting

We have had very bad spring weather. Just drizzle and drizzle. Saturday was the only clear day for a long time. And the forecast for the next week is again, rain. Cathleen suggested that we drive up to Mt. Vernon to see the tulip field. We started around 10 a.m. The freeway was jam packed. There were too many like minded people. It took us more than 2 hours, normally 50 minutes, to get to the freeway exit. even when we got there, we were lining up a mile away to get off the exit. We decided to drive one more exit and to find a place for lunch. After lunch we made another attempt with equally unsuccessful outcome. We gave up and drove home, never saw a single tulip.

Today, it rains again as the weatherman promised. So, I sat on my computer and paint this picture using my painting software, just to mentally seeing the tulip field. It is kind of fun. it took me about one hour to do it.

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