Sunday, December 6, 2009

Self Portrait

Many artist did their self portrait. Partly because it is the most available model. Many artists also record their "maturing" process in their lives. Rembrandt is the most noticeable example in art history from his playful youthfulness to the melancholic old age portrait. In the modern time, Lucian Freud is absolutely my favorite. His bare it all portraits, sometime in literary sense, are both courageous and admirable, in addition to his trademark artistry in figure painting.

The weather is cold around here at upper F30s and low F40s. It is hard to go out and do things. So, I spend 2-3 hours a day in the past two days to some drawing. I am quite surprised how little I know about my face. I do try to be honest as Freud. I will do an oil painting once I understand my face well enough. I hope I can get a bit closer to Lucian Freud's artistry. One can dream, can't we?

After some drawing, I felt comfortably familiar with my face. So, I painted myself in oil. This is the first time I am using wax medium. It seems to give a softer look.

For those who know me, please hit the figure to enlarge. You will see it IS me. LOL.

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