Thursday, January 22, 2009

Developing New Painting Process

Finally got rid of the terrible cough that lasted more than 2 weeks. Eager to start painting in the new year.
It is difficult to develop a painting using these public open studio sessions. You don't have much control over the pose of the model. Usually, there is no "setting", just the model. You carry whatever the canvas/materials not knowing what you will be seeing. And the short time you have at these studio, usually 3 hours with breaks, does not allow you to do some thinking and experimenting on composition. Since I got the computer painting tools, I am developing a new process: (1) Do charcoal quick studies of the model in the open studio, (2) Use computer painting to study possible compositions, (3) If satisfied with the composition, transfer the computer painting to the canvas, (4)finish the painting in the open studio if the pose is multi-session. These two drawings are done in a 3 hour session, 2 hours for the pose and 1 hour for the portrait. I will start the second step of computer studies. At this stage, I still don't know whether I can have a satisfactory composition deserving going forward. Having written a 3-part analysis of Richard Diebenkorn in Chinese in a blog set up by my friend Jason, (click here 1, 2, 3 if interested) the drawing is obviously influenced by him.

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