Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morandi Show 1 - Horizontal

We spent more than a week in NY. We were showing my sister in law around. So, we can only spend one and half hours on Morandi Show when we went to Metro. There are so many others to show them. Even though the time was short, we thoroughly enjoyed the 100 or so of his work. Each is like a jewel in itself. They allowed no flash photo. So, I took advantage and took many pictures to share with you. Although I just have a point and shoot camera, some of his yummy colors can still be seen in my picture. Please click on the image to see the details and the color.

These are a few pictures of his pursue of horizontal composition. Notice the edge of the table is intentionally lined up with the top line of the objects. He originally painted tall boxes and jars in the third picture. He didn't like it. Do, he took a scissor and cut the upper part off, and pasted it on another canvas. Notice the corner of the table on the left and the unknown vertical strip on the right edge. They make the picture much more interesting. Who cares about being "real"?

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